Coaches, Mentors, and Teachers

We at STEMROX are passionate about increasing STEM opportunities in our surrounding communities. In order to do this, we try to bring together some of the best individuals that we can in order to ensure our organization and our programs are moving forward and attempting to push the boundaries of what we are able to do. 

We strive to bring in people who not only share in our vision of what STEM Education should be, but also who are able to convey their message in a positive and effective manor to our diverse audiences. 

If you are interested in helping our organization or have an idea for a future program, please contact us at the email address below!


Tel: (862) 251-8561


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Currently, we are fundraising for the 2020-21 school year which includes robotics competitions, as well as spring/summer community outreach activities with the goal of expanding our STEM/STEAM offerings. 


Please contact us and help make a difference in the lives of our future innovators!

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